George Barris Inspired

A summers evening by the river, a bottle of wine, hazy sunshine, a warm  breeze over the river, throw in a lovely lady, an old cardigan, a soft rug and plenty laughs and it makes it all just perfect for a natural shoot. A hint of Monroe with Sarah Lou. (full set).   Inspired by a set of photographs taken by George Barris of Marilyn Monroe, sadly her last shoot before her untimely passing. It’s not just the sun, Nor is it the laughs Not just the fun Its none but all That make the memories In a warm July breeze […]

A Cut Above The Rest

CUT ABOVE…… Every so often you stumble across a true professional at his trade. Cutthroat-J’s. A hidden gem of a barbers in Hillhouse, Hamilton. Professional, friendly, helpful, attentive and a good taste in music but not baseball caps. I often get asked to do shoots for publication purposes, editorials.  Most I never see the final article, being the professional he is Jamie tagged me in the post from the magazine.  Having already worked with Jamie doing the Ladies Day shoot, I was delighted to be asked to come back and just take some photos of working, cutting, shaving and doing […]

You and the Sunrise

When all around are sleeping, and you are the only one awake, the light forcing through the curtains, everything feels new, problems fade away, as for now its just you, you and the sunrise.

Marilyn Monroe – The Final Hours

Death of a Star In these days of gender recognition and transgender equalityI had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady a few years ago.  Marilyn was a huge fan Marilyn Monroe and want to pay homage to her idol.  In the end we decided on the most powerful of ideas, the death of the star.  The final few hours of Marilyn Monroe as seen by her her fan.  She wanted to show and convay the torment, the anguish and the final act of despair. See for yourself if you.

Shape and Shadow

Shape and Shadow was a collaboration with the lovely lady in the photographs, she simply wanted to show her body form escaping from the shadows.

I Stood Alone

“For a time I believed that mankind had been swept out of existence, and that I stood there alone, the last man left alive.” -H.G Wells, War of the Worlds Buy Print

Crescent Moon

  A cold winter night Day fading from dusk to dark A sliver of silver cuts through the dark blanket The crescent moon hangs softly in the sky